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STONEHENGE: “We Are Not Alone”

25 Apr

Stonehenge Aubrey Circuit

While Stonehenge is another Divine clue that “we are not alone”, it is also a clue that the British are the People Israel, because it’s a Hebrew Sabbatical Calendar placed on the English countryside. In Hebrew, the word “British” means “People of the Covenant”. This calendar was given to Moses at Mt. Sinai for the servant nation, who entered the Covenant/contract with Father, the Ruler of the Universe, to remain true to Him, and Him only. The People Israel are not only the British, but also the British-related nations such as America, Canada and Australia, etc.

Just like the Bible Code revealed a technology that surpasses even today’s, Stonehenge is encoded with technology not yet realized. And it won’t be until human Beings learn to live as one, in peace and harmony. Until this happens, there’s no need to try to decipher all of Stonehenge’s secrets or the Bible Code’s for that matter, because the evil rulers would just use it for themselves and not for the benefit of ALL, again. Praise be to God that they cannot corrupt everything they get their greedy little hands on.

The Bible Code unsealed the Book by finding that there was a “Book written within the Book”. And like the Bible Code, the technology of Stonehenge will unfold as people’s ability to comprehend it expands, which is based on their spiritual growth. Right now, human Beings constrain the Universe to fit their ability to understand it. For instance, they don’t understand Holy Angels, or their abilities, and define them as aliens and unidentified flying objects. Some go so far as to think they are evil, but this is primitive thinking. Most people are afraid of everything they don’t understand. Then, throw falsehoods and fakes in the mix, and some start believing in the evil deceptions like reptilians and shape-shifters, man-made fantasies and imitations. The evil-doers design all these deceptions to keep people far away from the Truth, having them look for it elsewhere, like in caves and bunkers. Once the spark has been ignited, they don’t even have to do much, because Satan will take over in their minds as the enemy within and they’ll passively be his microphone. Had they sought the Truth with all their hearts, Father and their guardian angels, would have helped them find IT. “Seek and Ye Shall Find” was a promise.

What truth does Stonehenge reveal? As mentioned, it is a Sabbatical Calendar, and not just a stone-circle mystery to be used as a simple tourist attraction.

The calendar was encoded on the outer-most circle, known as the Aubrey Circuit, with 56 posts to be used as counting points. Seven rays of a seven-pointed star are used at every eighth position. The system was built around a 13-month lunar year with each month being 28 days, thus the Aubrey Circle can be used for lunar cycle calculations. Using this system as compared to the solar year, there is a 1.25 days per annum deficit error. And this system was allowed to run seven years, until the Sabbatical year, before corrections were made in an 8-day festival, before the cycle renewed for another seven years. More explanation will follow at the end of the article.

Biblically, the Sabbatical Calendar is important because it was given to the People Israel to observe and do, as each 7th day was a Sabbath, each 7th month was a Sabbatical Month, with 28 days, and each 7th year was a Sabbatical year. Father said to keep the Sabbath Holy. He meant ALL Sabbaths, because they would complement His economic and agricultural policies to ensure prosperity and abundance for everyone. The 7th Sabbatical Year, 49 years, was special because a release was supposed to occur before the 50th year, or Jubilee Year, began. All debts were to be cancelled, releasing everyone (Leviticus: 25:8-13).

Instead of celebrating Father’s Jubilee years as instructed, rulers have done quite the opposite, devising plans to get everyone more in debt. For instance, queen Elizabeth’s 60th year celebration was a marketing event, designed to worship her 60 years of selfish, elitist rule. Instead of getting out of debt, the British incurred even more by flipping the bill for all the hoopla associated with it. How was this doing what Father instructed? It wasn’t. It was doing whatever the rulers want, ignoring Father. Elizabeth has broken almost, if not all, of her Oaths to Father and to the British people. No one seems to mind. But Father and Christ mind, and will set the record straight on how the Throne of David, the most important throne in the world, was always supposed to be about fairness for everyone, every soul imprisoned on Earth.

Everyone gives the evil synagogue its power; but does everyone want ALL things discovered while it’s still in control? They still have the power to steal, conceal, add and delete and change truth in everyone’s limited vision. Fortunately, Father and the Holy Angels still protect what needs protecting, like the Stone of Destiny (Jacob’s Pillar Stone), and the Ark of the Covenant at Tara, Ireland. It will not be recovered by the evil-doers, who would just use it for themselves, or do everything in their power to hide it and its truth. They had the Mound of Hostages at Tara blocked off to do “work”, citing it needed repair; for well over a year. A fence remains around it. No one is going to one-up Father or the Holy Angels when it comes to God’s prophecy. They didn’t do it when they crucified Jesus the first time to remain in control, and they aren’t going to get away with it now. They aren’t going to discover the Ark of the Covenant, just like their one-world government isn’t going to happen, because “we are not alone”. Once the record is set straight, we can progress to real learning and move towards becoming One with the rest of the Universe. The Ark of the Covenant has NOT been recovered, as Father is waiting for us to want His Law back. Its recovery is also being blocked by the evil-doers.

The Calculations of the Aubrey Circuit:

1) Each post on the circuit was assigned a value of 364 days, 52 weeks, 13 lunar months of 28 days each. The cycle starts between post 56 and 1, where the “Slaughter Stone” is situated, just inside the Avenue, which is located at the North-East side.

2) The count moves clockwise through 7 spaces and 7 posts, culminating in a passage of 7 years or 2548 days, with an error of 1.25 days building up each of the 7 years, making the calendar 8.75 days in arrears, 8 full days and 3/4 of a day.

3) The 8th space acted as a division between one Sabbatical Year period and the next and the 8th post (the first star-ray point) was assigned a “catch-up” value of 8 days which was added to the 2548 days already accrued. The new Sabbatical Year commenced on the 2556th day with only .75 of a day of deficit error. The process was then duplicated through each span between the 7 star-ray points, with posts 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48 and 56 all providing 8 intercalary days each to correct the calendar, before completion of the Circuit and commencement of a new Sabbatical period.

4) At the end of the 7th Sabbatical period (49 years) the last of the 8 intercalary days were added at the post 56 position (the 7th star-ray point), plus an additional 5 days (13 days total). The 5 additional days were the result of the .75 of a day of deficit (based on the Sirius Year count of 365.25 days) per Sabbatical Year period x 7 such periods (5.25 days actual). The .25 of a day beyond 5 days was sacrificed to render the 49 year average at 365.245 days per annum. The precise figure sought after was 365.242 days (Mayan Year) and the margin of error, after 49 years, was around 4 minutes and 17 seconds, based on nothing more than counting posts.

5) A major check and balance system for precise reckoning existed in observing the Equinox rises and sets, but the 56 posts could be used to teach initiates the mathematical basis of the Sabbatical cycle concept and to keep-track of the progress of the Sabbatical Calendar position.

The Truth About Stonehenge

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