Paul Harvey’s Speech “If I Were The Devil” Lives On

30 Dec

Paul Harvey, radio broadcasterIn 1965, Paul Harvey aired his “If I Were The Devil” speech. It is currently featured on the “God Taught Me How” You-Tube Channel. As the video poignantly points out, nothing has changed in 50 years. Some have called Harvey’s commentary a prophetic warning, but he was just “telling it like it was; and is”, from his special vantage point.

Harvey declared, amongst other things, that if he were the devil, he’d make the young believe the Bible was a myth, and that man created God; he’d have the prisons overflowing and judges promoting pornography; and he’d have God evicted from the courthouse, schoolhouse and the houses of Congress.

Paul Harvey Quote“If I were the devil, I would keep on doing what he’s doing,” said Harvey, radio broadcaster and news columnist, best known for his “The Rest of the Story” segments that were aired nationwide.

“God Taught Me How” takes a fresh and modern look at Harvey’s 5-minute speech, offering a few relevant warnings from Scripture.

Please watch If I Were the Devil and share it with others.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places] (Ephesians 6:12).”

Prophetic warnings also were given in the Book of Enoch (Idris in Arabic):

Enoch/Idris 104:4 And now fear not, ye righteous, when you see sinners strong and clever in their ways.
Enoch/Idris 104:5 Be not associates with them; but keep yourselves at a distance from their oppression; you be associated with The Host of Heaven. You, ye sinners, say: All our transgressions shall not be taken account of, and be recorded. But all your transgressions shall be recorded DAILY (Rev. 20:12 & Suras 50:16-18 & 83:7-10).
Enoch/Idris 104:6 I will show you that Light and Darkness, day and night, behold ALL your transgressions. Be not disrespectful in your thoughts; lie not; surrender not the Word of Uprightness; lie not against The Word of The Holy and The Mighty One; glorify not your idols; for all your lying and every bit of your disrespect is not for righteousness, but for great crime.
Enoch/Idris 104:7 Now will I point out a mystery (Rev. 17:5): Many sinners shall turn and transgress against The Word of Uprightness (ch. 97:2; Isa. 33:15; 2 Thess. 2:7-12; Sura 32:23).

The INCORRECT writings of God’s Words were prophesied in Enoch:

Enoch/Idris 104:8 They shall speak evil things; they shall utter falsehood (ch. 97:2); create a great creation (false religions and religious traditions and technology); and compose books of their own words (books of man-made laws; books of the religious traditions of their fathers; novels; etc.; etc.; etc. – ch. 68:13).
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These Scriptures, and cross-references, are from the King of kings’ Bible.

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