War means Victory and Victory means War – To Some

7 Jul

Perhaps the scariest thing about war is the reality that casualties are just the name of the game. It may seem like commanders and generals want the least amount of deaths as possible, but this isn’t their end goal. The goal is victory.

The number of casualties, on each side, is just a statistic. Those who really call the shots don’t get killed in battle; they use their wits to stay in position – and that position is “in power”. Yes, they risk it all for the sweet victory of power. And WW3 will be about gaining absolute power over the entire world.

If you think these leaders care about loss of life, even of their own people, you are mistaken. You are just a number, drawing a ticket in life that puts you at the back of the line. They want to create order out of chaos; thus having millions killed gives them less to worry about, an added bonus. To them, we are like roaches; we survive and multiply anyway.

Satan is trying to orchestra this final blow to all of God’s creations. But God told us over and over His plan. And the side to be on isn’t the Red Army in the East or the Black Army in the West – both represent the armies of the LAST empire we were told about in the Bible, “His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay (Daniel 2:33).” The last empire before the second coming of Christ, the Diamond, to grind them to dust, is the feet of a great image Daniel described. The last one would be the rebirth of the Eastern and Western Roman Empires, mingled together – and iron and clay don’t mingle well together, as we can see.

From the beginning of the world, God told us He would be the Victor. It’s His side we need to be on. Being pawns for Satan’s armies leads to The Fire. God has always presented us with Blessings and Curses. Ignoring this reality is ignorant, as explained in the latest edition of the Gibraltar Message at www.gibraltarmessenger.net.


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