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An Experience of The Jesus Fast

28 Feb

By Alexander Andreyevich IvanovA REBLOG Of A Disciple’s Journey…


The Jesus Fast


Below is a verbatim report, as it was written, some days after the faster had completed 46 days on water only.

You will see that it was quite an epic experience, in more ways than one, and while it is conveyed in a bit of a personal story format, it nevertheless has lots of useful information for anyone who is considering doing It too, including several spiritual insights. Especially the comments that are added by ‘The Master’, Who helped the faster through the process, and Who is the author of the book and website mentioned below.

I would only add that, before doing It, the faster had read this book: (a few times actually), which greatly contributed to his success and will help the reader to understand, what may seem to be, the occasional seemingly new concept here and there. For example The Fast shows the faster that…

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Tony Farrell Launches Website To Surround “Jericho”

2 Feb

Tony FarrellTony Farrell Launches Website To Surround “Jericho”
Where is Jericho? It could be smack dab in the middle of South Yorkshire. It could be pin-pointed to the center of London. Jericho is anywhere corruption hides behind a wall of silence, deceit, theft and terror.

In his quest to bring the walls of corruption down, Tony Farrell just launched JAH Talk at A little over a year ago, Farrell went from whistleblower to disciple, blowing trumpets in the good fight against evil, iniquity, and even complacency. Farrell now adds film producer and web developer to his resume. If you’ve wondered what he’s been up to since his stance against his eviction and unlawful arrest, you’ll find that answer on his website.

JAH Talk features films Farrell’s developed like “The Seven Hills Ripple Effect” and “Joseph’s Dream of Truth and Justice”. He gives a detailed, written testimony about his moment of Truth; and how it led him to become a disciple. Farrell also discloses communication he’s had with South Yorkshire Police over the past year, by uploading the letters.

Naming it JAH Talk refers to his goal of featuring JAH in a series of upcoming interviews ranging in all kinds of topics, from recovering The Ark of The Covenant to obtaining the Stone of Destiny; from teaching segments on Scripture to discussions about topics in JAH’s Book, The Way home or face The Fire.

This is just a brief announcement; there’s plenty more from Farrell at

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