We Always Forget “The Rich Want War”

4 Jul


People say they’ll remember, but they don’t.

“We’ll always remember,” cry people after the aftermath of any tragedy. But the truth is people don’t like to remember horrific events, or overwhelming despair. As Merlin stated, “It is the doom of men: that they forget.” Forgetting comes all too easily. Latent reminders exist, but how often do they get drowned in whatever addiction soothes the nerves, or even occupies the mind. People say time heals all things. There’s some truth in that. But for events that are so horrifying to endure, like 9-11 or the 7/7 London Bombings of 2005, we tend to just separate ourselves. Time and separation go hand and hand – “Out of sight; out of mind”.

The media plays its part. Over time, tragedies are mentioned less and less. What used to be an hour-long special turns into a 30-second blurb on the nightly news, with maybe an image or two; with the lead-in: “On this day in 2005… “. Sports highlights quickly follow; and we forget about the tragedy, because the red team beat the green team in some marvelous play that we think we’ll remember; but we won’t, because another play will come along… just like another false-flag will rear its ugly head.

Tragic events just become old news. Even with a mention of them, we no longer hear, “Always Remember”– instead it’s: “Why can’t they just move on; That happened a decade ago; That’s yesterday’s news; Get over it; Put it behind you; What does it matter; or What difference at this point does it make?” [Remember Hillary Clinton on Benghazi].

There is something far more important than remembering – LEARNING. We should learn from our mistakes. We should learn not to repeat what causes pain, death, suffering, amongst other things. World War I should have stopped WW2 – both wars should be stopping WW3. The knowledge of 9-11 being a false-flag tragedy should have prevented 7/7. But evil doesn’t stop, because we don’t learn; we forget. Looking at our past, what do we need to do to stop evil? What’s in our future is our past.

July 7th marks the ninth anniversary of the 7/7 London Bombings; a false-flag attack on Britons to keep them at war, just as 9-11 lured the Americans into war. Kill, kill and be killed is a motto of filthy-rich hidden hands. While we fantasize that “Never again!” is a motto; it isn’t; and neither is “not on my watch”. At this moment the war drum is beating on everyone’s watch. Millions are awaiting the “next” false-flag. Awaiting isn’t prevention, but it’s today’s news. 

Instead of celebrating independence that’s really been lost, maybe we should take the next few days to remember what happens when we let evil flourish; and fight the wrong battles. Here are a few documentaries to reflect on – to remember why the world is as it is today, because the Rich Want War:

7/7 Ripple Effect 2
The Nazi Banksters’ Crimes Ripple Effect
Kollerstrom and Farrell are Dead
September Clues (9-11, highlights media involvement)

Let us remind ourselves, history always repeats itself.

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