We Didn’t Start the Fire: The Weather is to Blame

1 Oct

CO2 DeathstarThe Year 1986 marked a day in biblical prophecy, because it was the year of the Third Trumpet as the Chernobyl disaster fell upon the Earth, and would be a notable world event, marking the rise of depleted-uranium-poisoning that would plague mankind with cancers, birth-defects and infertility. But DU isn’t the only poison we’ve released on the Earth in recent world history. We’re cladding the planet with a dangerous amount of carbon-dioxide that’s transforming it into a deathstar.

“And blood (life) shall drop out of wood (deforestation), and The Stone (Christ) shall give his voice, and the peoples will be troubled; and the air-goings (wind patterns) shall be changed (2 Edras 5:5).” Yes, 1986 marked a time-period for us to take notice of. Wouldn’t we have noticed that we were consuming the rainforests at an alarming rate; or that the Book was unsealed; or that El Niño would become a common effect? We didn’t, or at least not enough to change; and things have gotten progressively worse.

Mankind serves the Destroyer, barren of faith, and ignoring the signs that the Heavens have had enough of his Defiance of Right – the right way to live on God’s Earth. Unfortunately, we live in an age where consumption is king. Standards of a nation’s success are based on the ABILITY to CONSUME, dubbed economic growth. In this finite world, success should have been based on the ability to SUSTAIN. But we’ve been fueled into burning down the house, and to blame it on the weather.


El NinoThe EL NIÑO is an EFFECT, and deforestation is the CAUSE, just as 2 Edras predicts. Many regions and billions of people are affected, but the countries most adversely affected by El Niño are the very countries that burn and cut down the rainforests in their countries – karma. El Niño has been defined as a prolonged warming of the sea-surface temperatures of the Pacific Ocean. Under normal conditions, the Trade Winds blow warm water toward Southeast Asia; and because rain follows warm air, Southeast Asia received a great deal of rain, which is why it had massive rainforests. In South America, cool ocean water upwells in these normal conditions bringing up nutrients for marine life and sea birds, which produces a thriving fishing industry. However, when an El Niño is in effect, the Trade Winds change direction and blow warm water toward South America and it loses that cool nutrient-rich water and the fishing industry takes a nose-dive; and Southeast Asia is plagued with droughts and wildfires. And when the rains do come back, dried areas are plagued with floods and landslides, because the trees that used to hold the soil in place and absorb the water are gone.

The prophecies of 2 Edras continue to describe the conditions of the world once the Third Trumpet (time-period) had begun. “There shall be a confusion also in many places, and the FIRE shall be oft sent out again, and the wild beasts shall change their places (and migration patterns), and child-bearing women shall bring forth monsters: (2 Edras 5:8).” Many people are confused about why things are happening in the world. Because El Niño changes wind patterns, the animal migration patterns also change as animals pursue their own sustainability. The monsters are born because babies suffer severe birth deformities from depleted-uranium-poisoning. And fires continue to occur, because man continues to deforest as well as burn fossil fuel. Interestingly, El Niño means “Christ-child” in Spanish, because the term originated in Peru when the coastal waters warmed around Christmas. Since then, it’s evolved into a worldwide so-called phenomenon that’s taken a strong hold during this generation of souls; the ones who refuse to rectify themselves, as the Irish Prophet Columba predicted.

The scripture continues, “And salt waters shall be found in the sweet, and all friends shall destroy one another; then shall common-sense hide itself, and understanding withdraw itself into his secret chamber (2 Edras 5:9).” First, the salt waters invade the sweet, fresh waters and pollute them as companies drill deeper, looking to enlarge water-supplies. Second, once-friendly nations now bicker and war with each other, continually pointing fingers of blame. While we see this with the West and Middle-Eastern nations, an example can be found in Southeast Asia. After the 1986 wildfires, Indonesia has been at odds with Malaysia and Singapore, because the smoke-haze that covered Southeast Asia lasted for weeks, yet Indonesia refuses to sign an ASEAN treaty that aims to prevent the area’s trans-boundary haze pollution problems. Greenpeace claims Indonesia rejects the treaty to protect its palm oil industries, as Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of palm oil that is found in many everyday items we all use. Even as late as June 2013, trans-boundary smoke-haze was an issue in Singapore and Malaysia, that forced people to wear face masks. This haze was blamed on the slash and burn fires in Sumatra. Lastly, common-sense has hidden itself from man’s psyche, as he can’t see the tree, because the forest is in the way. He can’t see that his destructive behavior, for the sake of materialism, is consuming him to his own death [two masters, two paths – life and death – God or Mammon/materialism].

He blames El Niño for the drought and wildfires and the torrential rains, floods and land-slides, reversing the year-sequence correlations of the two events, such as the wildfires of 1982-1983 and the El Niño of 1982-1983; the wildfires of 1998-1999 and the El Niño of 1998-1999. El Niño is dubbed a phenomenon and anomaly; and lots of gadgets and models were developed to predict it, as we now know the signs of its coming, such as the rise of the surface pressure over Indonesia and the fall of the air pressure of Tahiti. Since the 1982-1983 El Niño, scientists really started paying attention to them, as it was the strongest recorded. Interestingly, the 1986 El Niño was the first recorded one to have originated in the Central Pacific and not the East Pacific. But the fires in Kalimantan in 1982-1983 were blamed appropriately on the widespread logging activities of the previous decade. Logging had transformed the fire-resistant primary rainforest into a degraded and fire-prone landscape. During the logging, a lot of wood debris that was left on the ground dried under the open canopy. This set the stage for wildfire catastrophe with the drought that would ensue.

Most of the wildfires in Indonesia are man-made, as fire is just the cheapest way to clear God’s rainforest, especially to maximize profit. Indonesian officials tried to blame the 1997-1998 wildfires, dubbed a “planetary disaster” by the World Wildlife Fund, on El Niño and small farmers, while the timber-barons denied involvement; but satellite imagery gave a clear picture of the tell-tale signs of the cause. The fires coincided with plantations and timber concessions, forcing the government to track the fires and revoke licenses, but little justice really occurred. In fact, it was the Indonesian government that approved 750,000 acres of primary rainforest to be converted into palm oil plantations. The 1997-1998 wildfires, which burned almost 25 million acres, were just a repeat of the 1982-1983 wildfires. The ASEAN economies collapsed, serious health problems arose, and the area was an ecological nightmare. The Malaysian government imposed a ban of all media coverage of the fires, because of its negative effects on tourism. Protect the bottom line, not the environment and human-health – that’s confused and suicidal. The rainforests belong to God, not to governments, and they have no right to destroy what they do not own.


Because the natural functions of tropical rainforests are perceived to have no Babylonian/market value, they are cut down. And just because certain countries aren’t the ones cutting them down doesn’t mean they are any less to blame in this i-demand and u-supply world. The world has been globalized, where one umbrella company owns many specialized subsidiaries that produce commodities in different parts of the world; and they all support each other. Thus, it’s not surprising that “globalization” is listed as one cause of deforestation. In fact, a popular buzzword among conglomerates like these is “synergize”, where a two-headed monster is better than one head, kind of like a seven-headed great red dragon (Rev. 12:3) is a superpower – maybe its buzzword is “sinnergize”. And maybe, they are beasts, because they seem to be devouring the Earth.

Because perceptions can deceive, let’s look at the REAL value of the God’s rainforest. Their natural functions are of utmost importance, as they make the world a healthier place. They produce oxygen, absorb and retain a tremendous amount of water and keep soil in place. They create humidity by transpiring water they’ve extracted from the ground and released in their leaves creating their own mini-climates. Their stems and trunks slow down water runoff. Their roots create macropores that increase infiltration of water. They produce 30 percent of the planet’s fresh water supply. They house a biodiversity of plant and animal life. The canopy of protection they provide us cannot be replaced by an umbrella company producing products we think we need. The common-sense reality is we must sustain our rainforests, not consume them. The mini-climates they create affect the whole world’s climate, thus deforestation causes climate-change, exactly as 2 Esdras states.

Deforestation in ProphecyIn today’s atmosphere, perhaps the most important function of rainforests is absorbing carbon-dioxide, being a “carbon-sink” and producing life-sustaining oxygen. Instead of being able to carry out this vital function, man’s use for them is to create more carbon-dioxide poisoning, by burning them. Billions of carbon dioxide particles are released in the air as millions of acres of rainforest burn. Have any of the rainforests escaped man’s destruction? The world’s largest tropical rainforests are located in the Amazon Basin in South America, the Congo Basin in Africa, and in Southeast Asia. Other rainforests exist in the Caribbean islands, Central America, India and scattered islands of the South Pacific, in Madagascar, and West and East Africa. About 50 years ago, they covered about 14 percent of the world’s land surface, yet today that percentage has dropped to the lower single digits. Scientists estimate that one-fifth of the tropical rainforest was destroyed between 1960-1990. Up to 90 percent have “disappeared” in West Africa’s coastal rainforests since 1900; Southeast Asia has lost 88 percent; Madagascar’s eastern forest has lost 90 percent; and Haiti has about one percent left. The devastation is too lengthy to list. There shouldn’t be any confusion on why these places in the world are plagued with problems, or being punished. They sold their birthrights.

Man is ever learning how to destroy and consume, yet never finds wisdom. What will he breathe when there is no oxygen? He trades life for death. Over and over he chooses the wrong path, even when presented with both options. Just like when he was presented with two paths for energy, he chooses the destructive one. Nikola Tesla discovered free energy, using the Earth’s naturally electrical-charged atmosphere that he wanted to offer the world for free. Mad scientists developed nuclear energy they thought could be packaged and sold. Satan inspired splitting the atom; and his fuels always burn and pollute. God inspired Tesla; and His energy lights the world. If everyone had had free energy since Tesla discovered it in the 1930s, the world would be a better place by now. Tesla had great visions of a much more advanced world than we have today. These visions could have become reality.

Today, we are plowing behind the Pale Horseman, sowing seeds of death, as the greenhouse-effect gets ever stronger. Just like Esau, we sell our own birthrights for food that we don’t need. The Amazon has been cleared for cattle ranches, and now it’s being cleared for soy plantations, all because these things must be globalized to provide us with cheap burgers. But even the cattle ranches are deceptive, because it was really about land acquisition of the Brazilian rainforest. Brazil allows squatters to live on land as long as they use it. After five years of use, the squatter acquires ownership and has the right to sell it to smallholdings, or barons that may have paid them to squat in the first place. Some Brazilians become slaves and work on these plantations and ranches owned by big entities that acquired them. The government acknowledges thousands of Brazilians work under conditions similar to slavery. As late at 2005, over 4,000 slaves were freed from 183 farms. About 90 percent of the deforestation that has occurred in the Amazon has been within 100 kilometers of the roads built for the purposes of land conversion and getting Amazon market-value commodities like beef, leather, oil and gas to ports.

Companies are wreaking havoc on the environment and governments are approving their tactics. We can say, “Oh that is over there, or it’s not us”. But just like the entire world is encompassed by the same atmosphere; is bound by one ocean; and shares the Trade Winds, we are all bound to one another. So, it should matter that Indonesia’s Sinar Mas Group, owner of Asia Pulp and Paper, the third largest paper producer, and PT Smart, a palm oil producer, is notorious for decimating the rainforests in Indonesia, even illegally, and they are guilty of the kill-off of Sumatran tigers. Last year, they were still found illegally cutting down endangered trees, packaging them and selling them to long-standing clients. It wasn’t until clients like Xerox, KFC, Disney, Staples and Mattel Barbie stopped buying from them, that they took notice. Here’s a question. Were their clients clueless or blameless in the globalized world? Did they just want to limit their own exposure as accomplices? News flash – we consumers are all accomplices. Nestlé tried to deflect heat by saying its purchase of palm oil from Sinar Mas wasn’t the problem, but that palm oil, a food, being used as biofuel was the problem. Well, that is a problem, but the rainforests are still coming down. Government corruption and disparities in wealth are listed as causes of deforestation along with globalization. It would seem that no country in this global world is safe from fascism – the merging of government and corporations, where corporations buy and rule the politicians. They don’t want borders, and they push the boundaries of what is right, decent and fair for everyone, and make us believe we are in good company. We have the best politicians that money can buy – and they have been.


Tradewinds Bind UsWhile air pollution is caused by many activities, the massive amount of carbon released in the atmosphere from millions upon millions of trees consumed by forest fires year after year, especially in the last 30 years, is resulting in global climate change, and El Niño is a sign. No one can “figure” out El Niño, but are they just ignoring it, deflecting the true cause? They hand us their research: El Niño is an anomaly with irregular intervals, between two to seven years and can last nine months to two years, with an average of five. What? They tell us these trends of El Niño were unexpected, with the probability of occurrence about once in 2,000 years. Oddly, that prediction is kind of fitting since El Niño (Christ) first came 2,000 years ago.

Could the relaxing of the Trade Winds in the Central and Western Pacific that lead to depressions of the thermocline in the eastern Pacific and an elevation in the west, as what is described with El Niño, be caused by the atmospheric changes caused by thousands of carbon particles released during rainforests and fuel burning? Could pollution of CO2 be changing the global atmospheric circulation, causing El Niño? They say more research is needed. Is this because they don’t want to STOP the madness? Does it really take gadgets and models and computer predictions to tell us the truth of what is right in front of us?

Some scientists are linking the El Niño effect to global-warming that is caused by the greenhouse-effect of massive carbon-dioxide pollutants we’re blowing into the atmosphere. Scientists will admit that deforestation is a contributor to global warming, saying tropical deforestation accounts for about 20% or one-third of world greenhouse gas emissions. Scientists state that tropical deforestation releases 1.5 billion tons of carbon each year into the atmosphere. In 1987, the burning of the 19,300 square miles of the Brazilian Amazon produced more than 500 million tons of carbon-dioxide and 44 million tons of carbon-monoxide.

Some amounts of carbon-dioxide are beneficial. They help keep the Earth warm and help plants grow during summer seasons and the tiny amount of carbon-dioxide our bodies create stimulates our breathing-process. But the amount lingering is staggering and it’s keeping things pretty warm and causing adverse effects for us all, just like many regions of the world are affected by El Niño, such as the flooding in the U.S. gulf-states or droughts in the Midwest.

In the absence of our rainforests being a “carbon-sink”, our oceans have become an enormous one. But this activity is changing the pH balance of the oceans, making them acidic; and this acidity is what is killing the coral reefs. During the 1986 El Niño, 16 percent of the coral reefs were bleached. Carbon-dioxide dissolves in the ocean to form carbon acid; and there is about 50 times as much carbon dissolved in the sea water of the oceans as exists in the atmosphere. Coral reefs are dying from the exposure to elevated CO2. “The oceans have absorbed about 50% of the carbon-dioxide released from the burning of fossil fuels, resulting in chemical reactions that lower ocean pH. This has caused an increase in hydrogen ion (acidity) of about 30% since the start of the industrial age… “ (NOAA, May 2008). The reef-building rates of corals decrease, while production of numerous varieties of jellyfish increases. That means all those recent unexplainable jellyfish appearing in the oceans wasn’t a mystery, but a result of what is really happening in the world.

The best solutions to reducing C02 pollution causing the greenhouse-effect is to immediately stop deforesting and to use alternative energy sources, as even Alexander Graham Bell said in 1917. But given two paths, man will always choose the wrong one. Instead of making real change, he tries to capitalize on it, by developing a carbon-credit scheme to make sure the big companies/countries can continue to take advantage of little companies/countries. No doubt there will be big money-makers in that scheme, while others will be burned. Carbon credit isn’t about STOPPING the pollution; it’s about controlling interests, still.

Scientists may not be able to understand it from their study findings, but the scriptures gave their official report long ago: “Behold, saith the Lord, I will bring plagues upon the world; the sword, famine, death, and destruction. For wickedness hath exceedingly POLLUTED the whole earth, and their hurtful works are fulfilled (2 Edras 15:5-6)… For the sword and their destruction draweth nigh, and one people shall stand up and fight against another, and swords in their hands. For there shall be sedition among men, and invading one another; they shall not regard their kings nor princes, and the course of their actions shall stand in their power (2 Edras 5:15-16).”

It’s all slowly happening fast. Prophecy is being fulfilled in minute detail, and Ezra, who was given these prophecies, by God, through Uriel, fasted to understand. He prayed for us and mourned for us, so much so that he was asked if he loved us more than God. And nothing is more important than loving God, with all our hearts, minds, souls and strength; obeying Him only and forsaking all others – the good path. It is after-all the First COMMANDMENT. El Niño/Christ told us that we can NOT serve God and mammon/materialism. Study that.

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