KEEP CHRIST’S PASSOVER: Reject the Easter-Baal goddess

9 Mar

Honoring the SECOND PASSOVER, or Christ’s mission on Earth, is not the same as celebrating Easter, which worships the false fertility goddess Ishtar/Ashtoreth. People can deny this all they want, but the fact remains that Easter is a man-made tradition aligning Christ’s Passover with a pagan celebration, which was forbidden in the Bible.

The word “Easter” is not in the true Bible, but references to “Keeping the Passover” is mentioned repeatedly to DO. Man isn’t going to be able to ignorantly, blindly, and falsely claim he didn’t know the Law. It should be God’s Way, not man’s, think about this before claiming your actions are innocent. Without even researching the gods of Baal, man should know Christ’s Crucifixion had nothing to do with a big white bunny, or a chocolate-molded one.

This generation and many generations before are blinded by yet another Babylonian market system’s celebration to buy, consume, gluttonize, and worship false idols, even the graven image of a rabbit. People haven’t even recovered from Yuletide, worshipping Nicolaitanes; and it’s already time to spend some more money and worship Ishtar. These gods sure demand a lot of financial sacrifice, kind of a hallmark of theirs.

Whereas, honoring Christ’s Passover, should be one of modest, remembrance of His sacrifice. The Feast of the Passover consists of seven days of modest eating, using unleavened bread and anointing it with oil. It is to remember that once the PEOPLE ISRAEL (not the country) were in man-made slavery by Egyptian Pharaohs “rulers of their day” before being brought out of it, after the first Passover. On their way out of Egypt, people ate modestly and carried only what they needed. No one put on their best dress for the trip, or a bunny costume, or went hunting for eggs (sign of fertility) in the desert. They walked humbly out of Egypt, heads bowed, ashamed of worshipping Baal gods, which they were warned not to do. Remember, this feast was what Christ and His disciples were observing at the Last Supper.

Please don’t say you do “Easter” and “Yuletide/Christmas” for the children. You teach them lies and how to honor the Babylonian market system. You give them materials and not spiritual substance. One of God’s Laws is “DO NOT LIE”, so why do you tell your children that a gluttonous man in a satanic-red suit knows if they are naughty or nice, when this is a lie? Is it to control them with fear as the system controls you? The Babylonians created this false santa-claus/satan-lucas idol to replace Father, who really knows if His children are naughty or nice. Then, your children grow up learning that you lied, learning TO lie from you, and carry on traditions of man, because they’re fun games; and Satan likes games. You might want to apologize to your children for putting them back into slavery by worshipping false gods; then, do as you were commanded to do, and only worship Father, teaching THE COMMANDMENTS, instead of letting Lady Gaga and the like teach them satanic lyrics and customs, which are abominations to God. Children’s bibles should not be iPods, loaded up with the songs of human idols, where they learn to sing selfish messages by heart.

Christ’s Crucifixion is the Second Passover because His Sacrifice replaced animal sacrifice. No one needs to sacrifice a lamb and paint their doors, but instead, metaphorically wash their body (soul’s house) with the blood of the LAMB, His Truth and Life. Therefore, at Passover, people need to mentally go through what Christ went through and endured, in detail in their minds as though it was happening to them and prepare themselves mentally to be able to do the same, daily self-sacrifice to God’s Will and Law. This is a deep reflection on how a person needs to be like Christ to go Home. When the High-Priest of all time was crucified by the priests, lawyers and politicians of His day for challenging their authority, the “Temple Veil” to the “Holy of Holies” was destroyed to show the world that, from then on, the priesthood was abolished forever, except for Christ Himself. Since then, through His teachings, of the New Testament (Covenant), everyone has had direct access to God, through the Holy Spirit.

The first Passover was to release the PEOPLE ISRAEL from slavery under men’s legislation and give them The Laws of Liberty at Sinai, which they have never kept, thus breaking their promises, leading to the Second Passover redeeming them from the death penalty clauses of The Torah Covenant. Yet now, God’s children still do not keep The Law; so the death penalty still applies come Judgment Day. Jesus commanded that everyone keep and do the Laws laid out in the Torah.

According to the Bible prophecy, not many choose to return to God’s Law and learn the NEW SONG. This means everyone else prefers man’s law over God’s, which is an insane choice given how man rules the world through satanic, selfish activities and policies. The New Song is a combination of the Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb, synthesized together, which everyone should know by heart, like a song. They “SING” it means they “DO” it. Simple.

Source and Inspiration:
Passover Lamb, not the Easter bunny
Yuletide is a Pagan Festival

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