The Creation of Storm Troopers

20 Feb

storm troopers
In the movie Star Wars, there are armies of white-armored soldiers fighting for the emperor and his evil plans to rule the Universe. We see droves of them coming up against the forces of good. They guard and patrol the Death Star so that no one can infiltrate the system. They are robotic, just programmed to protect the wrong guys.

When watching the original movie, did you ever wonder who these storm troopers were or where they came from? How could the emperor get thousands of people to join his army when he was obviously evil, selfish, greedy, arrogant, and insane? It isn’t likely this army was created overnight. In later movies, we learn that they were cloned and enhanced. But in our initial exposure to them, they were the appendages of the dark force, doing its bidding; just soulless individuals who remained nameless.

In reality, people can also be systemically trained and programmed to fight or defend the wrong guys. One person becomes a clone of many, all routinely doing the bidding of a central command. And when they fight for the wrong side, they seem robotic because they’ve sold their souls by selling out to the system. One cannot serve two masters: good and evil. Each trooper probably didn’t feel he was doing anything wrong, because his justification was that he was doing his job in upholding the system. His own identity was protected behind the armor. As long as he was in uniform, he was to perform, or “be a trooper”, and be an armed wall between who’s really crazy and who’s really angry.

Armored uniforms give a trooper two essential things: anonymity and camaraderie. Give a human these two things and they’ll do quite a few things they wouldn’t think of doing otherwise… just look at what people do in chat rooms and forums today. A peace officer, who becomes a robot, transforms into a policy enforcer, enforcing policies made by the few emperors. He can no longer be considered a protector of civilian rights or a defender of them, because he forces people to abide by the policies, no matter how inhumane the policies become. These policies do end up morphing into control factors that probably go far beyond the scope of a trooper’s original mind-set.

You could say that the storm troopers in Star Wars were just actors and it’s all make believe. Unfortunately, this happened in real life during Hitler’s reign. He created a massive army that was actually called “storm troopers”. They marched to his drum, doing his bidding, just like the ones in the movie did for the emperor. When Hitler signed an order, it became law within 24 hours. He got this power by convincing the president that he needed emergency power for national security against their enemy. Troopers were programmed to believe Hitler was right, wearing their uniforms with pride and obeying orders without question. This was their excuse during the Nuremburg trials, they were “just doing their jobs, by following orders from high command.” Pointing the finger didn’t make what they did ethical. Following orders of a mad man couldn’t be justified come judgment time. They ultimately chose the wrong side, because of its power over them, not realizing this choice was what gave Hitler absolute power, because he created an army that would do absolutely anything they were told.

It wasn’t that long ago that troops under Saddam Hussein did his bidding, again following orders of an arrogant mad man. His troops blew up oil wells that created plumes of black clouds that covered their homeland and poisoned and burned their own people with sulfur (brimstone), right before the West intervened in the Invasion of Kuwait.

But storm troopers don’t just exist in the movies or in our history. They have a real presence today. Riot brigades have been created worldwide to enforce policies made by modern-day emperors with their “you can’t do this now” and “we can do this now” laws. Today’s enemy is the same: anyone who opposes policies that seem to get stricter by the day. The enemy is now millions who can disrupt the system, like the patriot, the gun owner, the whistleblower, or the truther. It really doesn’t matter that the system is mad, driving the world into poverty, disease, death and damnation. The storm troopers will protect the system because it’s their job. They have been trained to believe those who oppose policies are just unruly animals that must be contained. Maybe it’s job security for them, turning a blind eye to the root cause of the chaos. It doesn’t matter that millions have been driven to despair by these modern-day emperors. Before the madness, they had homes, jobs, a little savings, God-given-rights. Before they were robbed, they weren’t on the streets protesting for basic rights, justice, fairness and truth. But at least today, the storm troopers wear their true colors, all shades of black.

Where would the world be if Hitler couldn’t have created an army to do his bidding, because they questioned his sanity and his plans. What if they sent him to an asylum along with a few of his like-minded cohorts? And what if they never created concentration camps for massive amounts of people, falsely labeled the enemy? What if they did everything in their power to have stopped him? Why did they uniformly round up and contain millions of people, yet no one questioned rounding up a few instead. How much simpler would it have been to put the few on trial from the beginning, instead of letting them enact laws that labeled people as the enemy, and giving them no chance for a trial? After all, trials expose truths.

Just like in the movie Star Wars, life imitates art. There is an ultimate battle of good vs. evil being fought right now, really… right now! Just as crimes against humanity were precursors for WW2, history is repeating itself. These crimes are calling forth WW3. A storm is brewing.

In the end, every individual soul, no matter what uniform he wears, will stand before the Almighty and be judged on which side he fought; for Go(o)d or for (d)evil. Whether he believes it will be when he dies, or whether he knows the signs of prophecy and that a day of reckoning is approaching. Don’t be so shocked when the Lord is revealed and does His job. A time that is fast approaching as the last pope is about to be enthroned, under whose reign Rome will be destroyed and the dreadful judge (the Lord) will judge His people. I imagine the Lord believes we are all insane for doing what we do to each other, instead of loving one another. I’m sure we’re all criminals for breaking God’s Laws, if we even remember what they are anymore. We’re all still under the shadow of the death-sentence for the original sin, fighting alongside Lucifer to overthrow the Lord, cast into hell (Earth), a reform-school, where we continue to fight for evil.

Source and Inspiration:
For life imitating art, read Star Wars, Fact Not Fiction
For history repeating itself, read WW3: The Second of the Three Woes
If you like military history, read The Invasion of Kuwait in Prophecy

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