13 Feb

Over time, we tend to believe what we are told to believe. Sometimes, we are convinced of certain realities. Other times, we are persuaded into them. Most of the time, we just move clockwise with everyone else.
The elite try to convince us that, in time, we’ll make-it-big by following in their footsteps. After all, they invented “time is money”, creating an interest-usury system designed to line their pockets, while emptying ours. Sure, we like to imitate them, but the interest on our $5000 saving account is nothing compared to the interest on their $5,000,000 one. We will never be able to run with the big boys, because interest works only for them, whilst the inflation it causes outpaces the interest we earn on our savings.

Even the stock market is an illusion of future wealth. What the stock market has managed to do for the small investor is take any surplus money away with its engineered busts after the engineered booms. It goes from our accounts into a black market/hole. Don’t think of it as real money though; it’s a bar chart, or a pie chart or a line graph, because a picture is worth a thousand words. Seeing is believing. And they make us see dollar signs, like in some cartoons, blinding us to the grand illusion that the dollar signs in our eyes are reflections of the ones flying out the window.

In the big picture, it’s just a magic show, a disappearing act. The elites keep the show so mind boggling, that we just nod our heads like those head-bobbing dolls fixed to car dashboards riding along in our automobiles. It’s better to look agreeable than to look stupid, because we have no idea what they are talking about. They are rich, right, thus they’ve got to know money. Who are we to question what derivatives are, or what austerity means, or why quantitative easing works, when it obviously doesn’t? It is, by definition, impossible to get out of debt by borrowing more money, thus taking on more debt, not reducing it. So, what they are doing is insane and they have us hoodwinked and hypnotized into believing them.

Please question, “time is money”.

Sure, time backed by labor-effort is money, but time backed by the ticking of a clock isn’t. It’s usury and creates money out of thin air. Take out a 30-year $100,000 mortgage at 4-percent interest this month. In the first year, the mortgagee pays approximately $1760 toward the principal-real amount and gives $3968 to usury-time. This hardly seems fair, but they’ve convinced us this is how business works, in this “one for you and two for me” scheme. In reality, this thing they call time steals money, because the interest-clock ticks away every second of every day. The catch phrase “time is money” is a great way for ruthless, “entitled-to-your-money” people to sleep at night. It’s a mantra for the financially insane, who think they deserve the wealth, because they one upped you. Who really deserves that $3968 interest installment? The clock maker? You may think, “that’s just the way the banks operate and they’ve got to make money.” Well, they do take money. If you put $100 in your savings account, they loan out $90 of it with their “fractional reserve” hocus-pocus-fraud in a “now you have it, now you don’t” scheme, because banks make engineered bad investments. They know where the money goes, just like the magicians know where the rabbit goes. They get to plead the fifth to save their hide and we get the NDAA.

How safe is your money in the bank, when they make all the rules? They even invest your money in bribing political candidates whom they manipulate to make all the laws they use to rob you. Something is terribly wrong in Washington D.C., when politicians believe they must rule over the people, instead of represent them. They’ve created this “them vs. us” environment, falsely believing they know better than we do about what we need, all the while making sure they get what they want. Politicians do not make decisions to benefit all, except “all of them”. But, remember, they are the ones with seven figures in their savings accounts. If a company CEO made decisions just for him and other top executives, he’d be fired. No, that’s a bad example: he’d be considered savvy… and be rich. But if he couldn’t balance the budget, he’d be fired. If the company were doing horribly financially, he’d take a pay cut to his already enormous salary. See any pay cuts happening in Congress or to their lifetime exorbitant pensions? Should we demand they take a pay cut, because they aren’t wholly invested in representing us? It’s not likely they would leave their power-position, because they do have “other” sources of income, like interest. Should we demand Internet disclosure of the office expenses, making all their records easily and readily available for our viewing? Should their office Internet usage be available to us, because we pay for it?

Back to the banks… Banks are more than banks. They are investment firms and insurance companies. It’s kind of mind boggling to think that eventually the elites who own the banks get every last dollar you make. This kind of puts the term “slaves to the system” in perspective. Everything is owned by a few elite monopolies. What if your bank was a subsidiary of a parent company that owned not only your mortgage-lender, but also your health-insurance company, power-company, gasoline-company, telecommunications-company, food-supply company. What if they also made a killing out of the import business, selling you all kinds of goods that you don’t need and that took away the jobs that you do? What if they also owned the news-stations you watch and the entertainment-industry that keeps you distracted from seeing what they’re really doing to you?

All this news about countries and banks going broke is an illusion.

Remove time-usury (perpetual interest charging) as a factor and the debt can be managed. This U.S. debt-clock flashing like a pinball-machine is a game. If the fraudulent interest paid throughout the years was reimbursed, there would be a surplus. Countries would receive vast amounts back from the private world-bankers. Individuals would also receive what was fraudulently taken from them over the years as well. These banksters are fine being filthy rich, along with their thug politicians, while fraudulently bankrupting entire countries and impoverishing millions in a “time is money” interest scheme, using their policy-enforcers, aka police officers, to enforce their insane policies. They are getting away with crimes against humanity, as millions become homeless and evicted, while entire apartment complexes remain empty.

You’re still going to hold onto the idea that banks need to charge interest to make money, because that’s all you know, or have been told. Perhaps you think you need to earn interest on your money to keep up with inflation, when the reality is that the interest causes the inflation and you can never catch up, because the banksters take their cut, meaning that the interest will never equal the inflation. Having no interest/usury means stable prices and that your savings will buy the same in 50 years as the day you saved it.

Banks create money and plug digital numbers as journal entries. There is no security or labor backing to the interest-component of this computerized system. Why can’t financial and trend experts develop a plan for the benefit of all? Instead of being a peacock in front of a camera, explaining or interpreting the insanity, they could use their intellect to help reset the system, instead of supporting it with their mind-boggling analysis. Analyze this: Cut through the corruption and develop a workable plan for the benefit of all. Stop wasting time. We’re running out of it. This isn’t a call for the one-world-minded experts to come in with “their” solution-scheme for everyone, again, like they are planning. They’ve orchestrated all this misery on purpose to do just that. They have never saved the day. By the way, the world isn’t in debt, because time isn’t money.

It’s time to remind everyone that usury is against God’s Law, and it was forbidden, and still is. It absolutely goes against the Commandments of “Love Thy Neighbor” and “Do Not Steal”. God knew the injustice of this system, forbade it and warned against it: If thou lend money to [any of] My people [that is] poor compared to thee, thou shalt not be to him as an usurer, neither shalt thou lay upon him usury (Exodus 22:25). There are many references in the Bible about how usury (interest) is against the Law.

This market-money beast system is a time bomb. If you don’t think it’s coming to an end, you are dead wrong. But think what good we could do by diffusing it, instead of letting it explode, by changing it for EVERYONE. Will we do it? Time will tell.

[P.S. If you know any financial experts, please forward this article to them.]

Source and Inspiration:
Green Sustainable Economics A Phase of Divine Law

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