David Wilcosmos, David Icky, Drake de Dragon: Shut Up

3 Jan

A Spiritual Response To Their Madness

David Wilcosmos: “Ra, Ra, Re, Converge with me!”
“I’m a god. You’re a god. Go-o-o gods!”

Lucifer imitates God and “gets” humans to do it all the time. A human-being is not God, nor a god. The serpent told Eve that she could be a god. What in hell is David Wilcock telling his followers?

Ever wonder why Eve easily believed this grandiose idea about herself? It’s human nature. Sure, it feels great to believe we are wonderful, instead of accepting we are fallen angels cast into hell with our leader. And we are still siding with the Opposition. We still want to believe Lucifer’s universal lies and follow him.David Wilcock Wilcosmos

God created a wonderful learning environment known as Earth to teach souls who fought against Him to be good again. His ways are so simple that even a babe could understand them. Lucifer created a complex world so mind-blowing that it blows people’s minds, far away from the truth.

Bankers have their mind-boggling world of derivates; politicians have their mind-bogging world of austerity measures; religions have their mind-boggling world of mysticisms; and David Wilcock has his mind-boggling Ra. He wants people to converge, become one, with his view of the universe.

“Wilcosmos” has placed himself as some sort of godhead over a new age movement, gathering all that will jump on his brother-love-traveling show, all the while gaining fame and fortune and a bigger ego-self. He channels Ra, associated with the “Law of One”, which is a series of philosophical monographs about spiritual evolution and one unified intelligent consciousness; or in simple terms, “mumbo-jumbo junk”.

Lucifer is the Universe’s greatest counterfeiter and of course a counterfeit has to look like the real thing in order to deceive people, otherwise he wouldn’t. The Synagogue of Satan counterfeit-Jews claim that they are their own gods and that all others are cattle to be used and slaughtered for their benefit. God wants us all to be AS one, and in order to defeat Lucifer, we must unite and act AS one, and at one with God. Lucifer loves his counterfeit “one”. This three-letter “catch” word will not replace God or His Son. Lucifer’s one-world government, one religion, one-everything will fail. It’s selfish and delusional. And human-beings should know this by now. God is the Almighty, all-knowing, and all-seeing. Lucifer’s complete dichotomy of God should be apparent. God is “I AM”. Lucifer loves to say, “I am Ra.” Well, he isn’t going to get the last word.

Lucifer also guided Aleister Crowley, who channeled a book entitled, “The Book of the Law”. Its motto is: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”. This is in complete opposition of what God commanded in His book, The Bible, when He said to do “His Will”, not your own. Lucifer loves to be clever and he revels in himself. Human nature likes to be clever too. “Look at me, look what I discovered! Listen to me.” Unfortunately, the words that follow are just a clever web of deception.

Some people channel. They channel Lucifer in whatever form he knows they’ll listen and believe. “Wilcosmos” believes Ra. And just like Lucifer was the serpent for Eve, he is Ra for David Wilcock. Unfortunately, Wilcock bit (believed), and passed the apple to others. Beware: Lucifer loves to channel and be all kinds of advisors for all kinds of people, with luring messages of “love and light”, “greatness and glory”, and “oneness and love of oneself”. The Bible warns of channeling. Why? Lucifer is allowed to test souls as the enemy within. He is allowed to test the soul’s free-will desire to be good again. Those who channel and those who follow continue to fail the test, because they continue to listen to Lucifer’s alluring lies, thus continue the rebellion against God. They will not gain their pardon from this prison planet.

Guardian angels guard human-beings. Lucifer’s “so-called” light workers deceive them. Guardian angels help human-beings, but they also record every thought, word and action. Imitating Lucifer, light workers think they know better than God, believing a whole other ideology. Their arrogance will not allow them to see it, just as Lucifer’s arrogance did not allow him to see how his version of Heaven was evil. Here on Earth, he’s been allowed to demonstrate how he would have run the heavens had he and his army (souls imprisoned in human bodies) won the original war. How long does a soul need to prove a soul can be good again? 2,000 years? 6,000 years? Longer? We’ve all failed thus far. Lifetime after lifetime we just get worse. How long, oh Lord?

Jesus said no one could return to Heaven unless he was born again as his spirit. This means overcoming human nature and becoming a graceful soul again, absolutely full of humility. How can one be full of humility, when one is full of himself? Ra-Ra-Re-Me-Me-Me.

There won’t be any glowing, serpentine avatar-beings that come to save Lucifer’s world of evil souls. There will be guardian angels who come execute all those still walking under the shadow of the death sentence for the original sin of fighting with Lucifer to overthrow the Lord, and who have proven by their own free wills that they chose to believe Lucifer’s lies and their own ideology and continue to shout for their team, “Go-o-o Devils! Fight, Fight, Fight”.

Every soul can telepathically communicate with Lucifer, because he didn’t submit to human-animal form. Apparently, some hear him exceptionally well like Wilcock and Crowley.

On a marvelous note, every soul has the ability to telepathically communicate with God in Heaven, Father, which is the Seal of God in the mind-forehead. Instead of wasting valuable time learning Lucifer’s mind-blowing alternative reality, spend time with Father in a quiet place. Read His book and learn His simple laws by heart, then practice the New Song.

David Icky: “Reptilian, Reptilian, Wherefore art thou, Reptilian?”
“They seek them here. They seek them there. They seek those Reptilians everywhere.”

“Come out, come out, wherever you are.”

David Icke’s love affair with fiction is tragic, but in this world, it’s a classic best-seller. And everyone loves a bestseller, or blockbuster. They love stories of Loch Ness monsters, big foots, aliens and ghosts too, so why not love-to-hate them Reptilians too?David Icke Icky

Straight out of an X-Files episode, these Reptilians are shape-shifting little devils come to control the world; those sneaky bastards. And they don’t just transform into anyone’s body; they shift into the world’s leaders and power players. They’re always somebody famous.

For example, “Icky” believes George W. Bush is a descendant of these aliens. No, the presidential Bushes are descendants of Sherff Busch, a German Ashke-Nazi Jew. But hey, let’s take the evil blame off of human-beings and place it on Reptilians. Humans just can’t be that evil. All these power players, who are in secret most likely murderers, sexual perverts, blackmailers and life-vampires are Reptilians. Woe! Glad, Icke’s cleared that one up: “It’s not us. We didn’t do it.” It wasn’t us who let evil flourish: “They did it, those Reptilians, those evil bastards!” We’ll let the one-world of Ra and those aliens come save us. Darn, we just can’t win for losing in this world of fantasy and lure.

Those selfish Reptilians; who do they think they are coming to Earth and controlling what God made for mankind. They won’t even make themselves known as the evil rulers they are. They hide in underground bases. But if they have so-much “power”, why do they need to hide where the sun doesn’t shine? Aren’t reptiles supposed to be sun-worshippers anyway? Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Wherefore, “Wilcosmos” has Ra, “Icky” has his own ideas about the universe and he has all kinds of books to prove his point of view. Because he’s channeled as “a Son of the Godhead”, these books are probably full of mysticisms and universal answers.

His Reptilian ideas come from the tales of the Annunaki, which some call the Watchers. In the Book of Enoch, Noah indicated that there were Watchers of Heaven who sinned by mingling with human-beings and who created giants, but these Watchers have been bound until Judgment Day. And judging by the signs, it’s not that far away… if you are watching. Since all the giants died in the flood, they couldn’t be the origins of these Reptilians; however, Noah’s son Japheth could be the ancestor to these very human snakes. The Synagogue of Satan is so hell-bent on being portrayed as serpent-like creatures that they make up their own lies instead of “fessing up” to being their evil human selves. Japheth had seven sons. One was named Gomer. And Gomer had three sons, one was named Ashkenaz, who later became the true origin of counterfeit Jews (Nazis), which is about as human as you can get. And they are little old men behind the Oz Wizard calling the shots. Unfortunately, they’ve made themselves into scary things we can’t fight: these darn shape-shifting Reptilians we’re so fond of blaming.

Lucifer and his synagogue are misleading Icke, making him believe in Reptilians. Whether Icke knows he is being manipulated or not, his biggest secret is that he, in turn, is misleading the masses. Lord knows he isn’t telling the truth.

Drake de Dragon: “Red light! Green Light.”
“It’s two fold, if you like to play the games.”

Drake plays the children’s game “Red light, Green light”. He positions himself as the special one, the “light” yards ahead of everyone else. He hollers, “green light” and turns his back. His followers move ahead to reach him, then stop dead in their tracks when he hollers, “red light!” What a great way to stall everyone who wants to make a move, control the subtle advancements by calling the shots. On one hand, he’s a believable good-ole boy. On the other hand, he’s off his rocker. What a great person to lead everyone astray. By Job, he is special.

Drake Bailey DragonWhat’s really changed since he’s entered the “truth scene”? What’s gotten done? Oh, paperwork, cool radio shows and a website collection of articles. Now, he has fame and glory, of which he’s been after for quite some time.

Lucifer is clever and gets others to believe they are too. Drake thinks he’s clever. Isn’t he the only one who has figured out how to take down the world powers with paperwork, and at the same time “cures what ales ya”? He and others are into calling the Earth “Gaia”, which is a pagan Greek goddess of Earth. God created the Earth, a planet. Why not call it, well… simply… Earth? Lucifer couldn’t leave well enough alone. Man can’t either. We’ve all gone along the Synagogue of Satan (Lucifer’s elite echelon) in changing all the rules. God’s Laws have never changed. These are the Laws souls are judged by. There’s no two ways about it, Draco.

If you’ve ever really tried to get anything accomplished in the court system, you know it’s a long, drawn out process. The fact that you even have to file paperwork slows you down. Then, you wait and wait. Some people have waited years and years and are still waiting to hear back from their attorneys. The legal system is part of the beast-system. It’s designed to exhaust everyone, including one’s funds. And if the powers-that-be own the “right” politicians; they also own the “right” judges. They are not going to leave anything to chance, not even the patriot’s desire to regain control of his country.

Drakonians (Drake followers) might want to assess if they’ve been duped by the masters of deception. Are they absolutely certain someone isn’t taking names? Now, someone has many more names of those who are, or would be, part of a militia. It’s kind of an important list if someone wants to flush others out of the population. Drakonians might as well post their “arms” as their Facebook profile picture. If these so-called good guys in the Pentagon have known the inner world for 20 some years, why have all these evil events gone down in the past 20 years? See any red flags or better yet, red dragons?

Oh, they are white, or royal, or rainbow colored. Some say Drake calls himself lord associate Dragos; and he believes he was given a rainbow sword and nothing can pass by him without his permission. This belief might imply he has some sort of lordship. He gets to holler out “Red light, green light.” Actually, a dragon is a made-up legend with serpentine or reptilian-type traits. Hey, maybe dragons are those elusive Reptilians hiding out in underground bunkers; don’t they live in caves, anyway? Or maybe evil souls like to be reclusive, hidden within the Earth, or in the backs of our minds. See any correlations in the devilish deceptions? I do; and I’m not even as smart as Drake.

Let’s get serious for a moment. All the things that are happening today, the Bible has warned us about. It’s a human-being’s instruction book on how to survive on Earth and how to get out of here. Although Drake is a character who changes hats, he is a fellow prisoner, and insane enough to think he knows better than the Lord, and that his plan is better than God’s. That isn’t going to work out for him, or anyone who follows him. These are the times of Noah, because no one believes anymore. Not only do they not believe, they don’t want to do anything about it. They are waiting on the left hand to cut off the right with these mass arrest stories. It’s a game.

There is evidence that the Well-Regulated American Militia is run by Nazis. Nazis think they are special too. You might remember Drake asked everyone to stand down to Chinese and Russian soldiers, because they would save the country from our military bad guys. Think long and hard about that two-faced lie. According to Bible prophecy, the West will win the satanic-inspired war on the Middle East, but the way of the kings of the East, reunited communist Russia and China, will be prepared. Once the West is exhausted and unguarded, the East moves in for the Battle of Armageddon (Har-megiddo, in Northern Israel) and for a worldwide war/WW3. The West loses. Prophecy says the two witnesses are killed. The two witnesses for God were America and the United Kingdom because they used to spread the Gospel around the world. And it’s heart wrenching, because no one will believe the Bible or the Lord until it’s too late. America will continue to believe she will win WW3, because she’s in bed with the devil. She’s great and special too.

There is a disturbing dream or vision attributed to George Washington about the fate of America. He saw the destruction of his beloved country: “Then my eyes beheld a fearful scene: from each of these countries (Europe, Asia, Africa) arose thick, black clouds that were soon joined into one. Throughout this mass there gleamed a dark red light by which I saw hordes of armed men, who, moving with the cloud, marched by land and sailed by sea to America. Our country was enveloped in this volume of cloud, and I saw these vast armies devastate the whole country and burn the villages, towns and cities that I beheld springing up. As my ears listened to the thundering of the cannon, clashing of swords, and the shouts and cries of millions in mortal combat…”

If the U.S. military and national-guard are decimated in the Middle East, it may take civilian militia to fight for God and country in the not-so-distant future. Sounds a little like “Red Dawn”, but because the Synagogue of Satan will leave nothing to chance, maybe it’s coordinating the militia to take them out early. Maybe the whole point was to stall everyone just long enough to get this War started… “to get ‘er done.”

Ben Fulford, You've Ben HadHas the light bulb turned on yet? Lucifer has created a fantasy world of avatars, reptilians and dragons. Yes, Ben Ful-of-it plays mind games with everyone, and this article is already too long to address his “spy thriller” tactics. Yes, “you can make this stuff up.” The intel from Fulford is still from the Synagogue of Satan (aka dragon families/societies, and elites in disguise). Asian cultures and the elite may associate dragons with superiority, but when dragons are mentioned in the Bible, they are associated with evil; they aren’t magical creatures to be respected. These “dragons” are liars.

The point is that the great Opposer, Liar, Deceiver, Satan, Lucifer, who really identifies with this serpent ideology, as do his followers, is telling us lies so unbelievable that we still fall for them. And their alternative reality, this fantasy world, keeps everyone mind-boggled, yet on the edge of their seat to read more. Serpent seekers seem to keep busy trying to find the latest news and information, then spreading the gossip. Too bad they won’t seek the truth, do the same for the Lord and then spread the Word. It would seem their faith is God is in question, not their beliefs in serpent lies; however big they are.

Satan, the great dragon, loves to pretend to be the good-guy and your friend. Stop reading and believing their lies; stop lying to yourself, and get right with God. Become His friend.

Source and Inspiration:
Nature vs Grace
The Way home or face The Fire
Book of Enoch

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