The MARK of the Beast or the SEAL of God

20 Dec


Many people have many ideas about what is the Mark of the Beast. And in the big picture, most all of them have some truth. The Beast refers to a beast-system, which was created by man. Because God created man on the sixth day, his number is six. And because it is a system honoring man, not God, it begins with six, ends in six and is six all the way in between: 666. It certainly has nothing to do with God, Who is the true Alpha and the Omega.

Many say the bar code is the “mark of the beast” because people can’t buy and sell goods without it. It is a PART of the beast-system, thus partly true. It’s indicative of a materialistic world. And man cannot serve mammon (materialism) and God. He loves one and hates the other. If someone values having, acquiring, and keeping “things/possessions”, he is materialistic and serves this world, not God. He buys all these things of which the production destroys the earth; then he turns around and trashes the earth furthering the destruction. He becomes a destroyer (a son of Satan), as Satan is the Great Destroyer. But materialism promotes consumerism: man consumes, consumes, consumes, until that’s all he feels is important in the world.

Anything associated with the beast-system is a part of it, because it goes against God’s Law. The market-system and usury are parts of it. Anything that sets up money tender as a god is a beast, which usually requires a lot of paperwork (bye-bye trees) with guidelines so enormous that no one recognizes the witchcraft involved in the theft. “Thou shall not steal.”

Money becomes the mark in the hand, because “money exchanges hands”. It also relates to the “Deutsch mark”, because that is what money is called in Germany, where Hitler, the Antichrist, reigned. Money in the hand is capitalism.

Ideology becomes the mark in the forehead. Karl Marx, the founder of communism, was an anti-God Satanist. But from him, Marxism was born, an ideology in the mind. Thus, it is the way a Marxist thinks. Marxists believe in an anti-God system. Again, it was created by man with Satanic thoughts. Marxism in the mind is communism.

It might be prudent to be aware that Marxist-communism isn’t just the belief system of the East, Western governments house many Marxists. Many hide under the label socialist, but with coordinated efforts, they persistently wage efforts to remove God from all forms of government, nationality, social arenas, education, and anything they can squawk at, unfortunately. They use a man-made legal-system, not to mention intimidation and relentless persistence, to get their way, Satan’s way. [Yes, they are out to destroy America and others from within first].

Technologies to track people aren’t the beginning of the mark of the beast; they are a continuation of the mark that already exists. Just think of the technologies as more efficient bookkeeping for the Synagogue of Satan. Don’t forget, it is out to mislead, destroy and kill all of God’s children. Still want to sit on the fence?

Remember God said if someone was not for Him, he was against Him. Fence-sitters are against Him, because by doing nothing, they enable these evildoers to do Satan’s bidding. As Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

How does someone fight against them? Obtain the Seal of God in the forehead: communicate with Him directly and telepathically in your mind. LISTEN TO AND OBEY GOD ONLY. Love God with your entire mind, heart, soul and strength. The Holy Spirit is your direct line to Father, phone Home. Father will communicate with those who truly seek Him. This is the Seal in the mind, because a person learns to do it. Jesus said to go pray alone. Because communication is two ways, be quiet and listen to Him, instead of squawking all your wants. He knows them, but do you know what He wants? Listen. He is a quiet knowing. He will open and close doors for you, so don’t rush or push too hard. Always, always ask. Do God’s Will, not yours, not man’s.

Satan comes at people with a ménage of thoughts to cloud their thinking so that they can’t hear Father. These are fear thoughts, questions, and his own answers. Please refrain from babbling/relaying these same questions to God. These won’t get answers as God rebukes/ignores Satan’s squawking. Clear your mind of the monkey-questions. Listen. God, who is all seeing, all knowing, doesn’t have questions. Listen and obey Him. He is that still small voice within you. You’ve had thoughts to do things and they were the right things to do? God guided you. You’ve also had thoughts to do things and they were the wrong things to do? Satan guided you. Learn to know the difference. Then, always choose good, Godly choices, which are kind, loving, forgiving, helpful and HUMBLE.

Put the armor of God on by fighting for Him. Put your mind in order; get your house in order; and follow His orders… His Law, Commandments, Judgments and Statutes, which human-beings have been told to do repeatedly in the Bible.

Source and Inspiration:
The Way home of face The Fire

One Response to “The MARK of the Beast or the SEAL of God”

  1. dan December 20, 2012 at 5:26 pm #

    halleluyah…a good reminder that to hear His voice we must first silence ours

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