America The Great: Sentenced to Death for Adultery

29 Nov

America chooses to lie with the devil.

Lured by riches and comforts, she begs at the expense of others. Promised wealth and power, she holds fast to political deceit. She’s grown accustomed to the gifts of Satan, even prefers them above what God provides.

America was once a nation of Israel, meaning “Champion for God”. Her roots can be traced to the lost Tribe of Joseph through his son Manasseh. Now, she cries out against God, insisting on laws to protect her lover, the great divider, who has conquered her. She is a nation, a collection of individuals, who must collectively endure the blessings and punishments of God.

The nation of Israel entered into marriage with God at Mount Sinai and she (Israel) promised to keep His covenants (vows). The ultimate goal was to lead all peoples to God’s salvation, by example. But over time, she began to disbelieve and then grew defiant. Instead of keeping the vows, she made up her own, even making abominations acceptable. She idolizes others, awing at singers, actors and athletes. She obeys others, keeping the silly laws of politicians over what was good and just. She covets what her neighbors have, buying materials that production and disposal destroy. She calls others father although there is only one Father. She calls others masters although there is only one Master. She steals, taking more than her share of resources. She murders, allowing the deaths of millions in drummed-up wars. And these are just to name a few of her adulteress acts.

She fears her lover, the evil beast-system, more than she fears God. She doesn’t want to lose her worldly treasures at the expense of the salvation of so many souls. And Satan laughs because he hates her for loving God in the first place. He has worked very diligently to deceive her so that she is found guilty in the end. And she will have no recourse, because she kept not her marriage vows by her free-will choice. She listened to Satan’s lies and it’s poisoned a nation.

She once witnessed for God. She is now clothed in red, Satan’s color. The “stars of heaven” (star-spangled banner) will fall for punishment and choosing to live by and inflict their own selfish, greedy and evil political systems on the rest of the world, instead of converting the whole world to living by God’s System. Yes, America is one of the two witnesses killed as represented in the Book of Revelations. And those people who were harmed by her will rejoice at her fall because she did whatever she willed to them, whenever she liked.

Everyone needs to think real hard, professors and babes alike, about what they are fighting for. If you are not fighting for God and His Will, you are His enemy because you lie with the devil either passively or actively.

Source and inspiration:
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the Two Witnesses
This is the Great Mystery: Marriage Guidance

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